Sedgwick Traditonal English Bridle Leather - Havana Brown - Rein Weight 10-12 oz - VegTan - 65"+ Inches Long

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Sedgwick Traditional English Bridle Leather - From England

Havana Brown - True Dark Brown - (little to no burgundy/red)

This is strap is Rein Weight 10-12 oz vs Bridle Weight 8-10oz

VegTan  - 65"+  Inches Long

Includes 3 set of Matching Chicago Screws

Includes  Matching Leather Belt Keeper. Keeper and Belt Tongue skived/split

The is The Best veg tan we have.

Edges get a true burnish, quickly and easily.

Much more dense than American Bridle Leather. We recommend it,  it is a pleasure to work with. Worth a try.

There is a light layer of wax on the skin and flesh side, that can be buffed out is needed.