2” Belt Buckle

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2” Copper Belt Buckle 

SOLID COPPER BUCKLE - Copper Buckle with Copper Roller and Copper Tongue.

CUSTOM MADE - All pieces are handmade by onsite craftsman and are designed to last a lifetime.

HIGH QUALITY METALS - All parts are made from pure solid Copper to create a stylish piece that retains its value, and can be used as a staple in your everyday wardrobe.

POLISHED or PATINA - Copper Buckles can be kept in a bright copper POLISHED finish or they can can be allowed to PATINA over time

UNIQUE - Individually made by hand

MEASUREMENTS & SPECIFICATIONS - This Buckles Measurement is for the Inside Width of the Buckle and will fit that size width Strap or Belt.

This listing is for the Copper Buckle only, a custom sized belt is not included in this listing.