Truman Moc Toe 2024 - Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe Boot

Truman Moc Toe 2024 - Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe Boot

The Art and Craftsmanship of the Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe Boot

Introduction to the Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe Boot

The Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe boot, priced at $460.00, is a remarkable blend of heritage design and modern craftsmanship. Made in Eugene, Oregon, these boots embody a dedication to quality and durability, essential for every heritage footwear aficionado.

truman moc toe boot 2024

Leather: The Heart of the Boot

Tannery and Leather Quality

The leather for these boots comes from Seidel Tannery, renowned for its decades of expertise. Here, the "Double Shot" process was developed, resulting in a buttery, supple leather that is both rich in pull-up and robust. The Oxblood color is a deep scarlet, playing with light to reveal burgundy tones and aubergine hints. This is not just any leather; it's a testament to the tannery's commitment to excellence.

Leather Characteristics

At over 6 oz, the leather strikes a perfect balance between refinement and resilience. It’s designed for those who appreciate the finer details in their footwear, offering a smooth yet durable finish that ages beautifully.

Design and Construction

Last and Fit

The boot is built on the 20 Last, known for its balanced fit that accommodates a variety of foot shapes while maintaining a sleek profile. This is crucial in ensuring comfort without sacrificing style.

Style and Features

  • Moc Toe: A classic design feature that adds to the boot's rugged charm.
  • Stitching and Hardware: Tan stitching complements the oxblood leather, while the antique brass hardware provides a subtle contrast.
  • Closure: The boot features 5 eyelets and 2 speedhooks for a secure and adjustable fit.
  • Toe Box: A structured toe box adds durability and retains the boot's shape over time.
  • Sole: The Vibram Cristy Wedge Sole is chosen for its comfort and durability, enhancing the boot's overall functionality.

Historical Context and Craftsmanship

American Boot Making Tradition

Handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon, these boots are part of a proud American tradition of boot making. Each pair is a labor of love, starting from the careful selection of leather to the meticulous crafting process. This dedication ensures a lifetime of wear.

Heritage and Modernity

The Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe is a perfect example of how modern techniques can enhance traditional boot making. By integrating the latest developments in leather tanning and boot construction, these boots offer a contemporary take on a timeless style.

Leather Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe boots is essential for their longevity. The brand provides a comprehensive guide on cleaning and conditioning, helping owners preserve the unique characteristics of the leather.


Conclusion: The Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe - A Legacy in Footwear

The Oxblood Double Shot Moc Toe boot is more than just footwear; it's a piece of wearable art, representing a legacy of craftsmanship and quality. Its rich color, robust leather, and thoughtful design make it a standout choice for those who value heritage, style, and durability in their boots.

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